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Julia Herrick

Section #13

Conference:  1:00 - 1:55 pm


Class News
Class Calendar

Please acknowledge the student handbook in Parent Access.  This is a requirement for each child that you have at Galatas.  Thank you.

NEAT is a program at Galatas.  NEAT means never absent or tardy.  Section 13 wants to win awards for NEAT!

Save the Date!

4 First Grade Moms and Muffins 8:45 a.m.
8-12 Closed Campus-STAAR Testing
8 Third and Fourth Grade STAAR Math
9 Third and Fourth Grade STAAR Reading
15 K-2 Field Day
16 3-4 Field Day
22-26 Science Camp Week
25 Fourth Grade Program 2:00 p.m. (students) and 6:30 p.m. (family and friends)
29 No School– Memorial Day Holiday
30 Picnics: 1st Grade-11:15, 2nd Grade-12:15
31 4th Grade Clap-out-10:30 a.m.
31 Picnics: 4th Grade– Immediately after Clap-out, Kindergarten-11:15, 3rd Grade-12:15

1 Year Book signing
1 Last Day of School-Early Release 12:10 p.m.


Welcome to Section 13!
Thank you for coming to our class website.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me! We're going to have such a FABULOUS 1st Grade year!

Week of May 8-12

Review composing and decomposing numbers different ways to
make 5 (1 + 4, 3 + 2)

Using ten frames to practice decomposing numbers
(4 + 9 = __, think 9 + 1 = 10, so 10 + 3 more = 13)

Review of fact families

Review of part/part/whole

Making 120 using 10 frames and place value models

Review expanded form to 120

Review graphs

Language Arts
Learn to formulate a research question, gather information, and present findings

Writer's Workshop
Animal Research

Edit for upppercase beginning of the sentence and ending punctuation.

Review frog life cycle
Chicken life cycle
Fish life cycle

Social Studies
Natural resources and weather
Goods and Services, Wants and Needs

Homework:  Review sight words, math facts, read or have someone read to you daily.

First Grade Schedule

School Hours- 7:50 a.m.-3:10 p.m.

7:50    Arrival
8:05    Announcements
8:05-9:20 Math
9:20 – 10:00 Language Arts
10:00-10:15 Motor Break
10:15-11:30 Language Arts
11:30 – 12:00 Lunch
12:00 -12:20 Recess
12:20-12:50 Lab Time or Language Arts
1:00 – 1:55 Specials (Music, Library, Art/ P. E.)
1:55 – 2:25 Science
2:25 – 2:55 Social Studies
3:10 Dismissal

Sight Words

Phonics/Word Families by the Week
August 29--_at, _an
September 6-- _am, short a words, _ad
September 12--_ap, _ag
September 19--short i words, _in, _it
September 26- _ip, _ill, _ig
Oct. 3-short u, _ug, _um
Oct. 10--short u
Oct. 17--_ell, _ed
Oct. 24--short e, _et, _en
Oct. 31--_ot, _og
Nov. 7--_op
Nov. 28-fl blends
Dec. 5-sk blends
Dec. 12-r blends
Jan. 3-s blends
Jan. 9-s blends
Jan. 17-review
Jan. 23-ending blends
Jan. 30-_ink ending blends
Feb. 6-review blends
Feb. 13-long vowels
Feb. 21-silent e
Feb. 27-silent e
Mar. 6-review blends and silent e
Mar. 20-sh digraphs
Mar. 27-th/wh digraphs
Apr. 3-ch/tch digraphs
Apr. 10- ng/ck digraphs
Apr. 17-review digraphs
Apr. 24- ee
May 1-ai ay
May 8-oa ow
May 15-vowel pairs review


Word families, also called word chunks, are little chunks of a common spelling pattern that are found in many words.  A word chunk can also be a small free standing word.

Please review the word study
"Explode the Code" (phonics) papers with attention to the spelling of the words.  It will come home in your child's PAWS folder each day (four to five days a week)

Sight Words by the Week
These words are tested at the end of every grading period.

1st Grading Period
Aug. 29--an, am, at, go, up
Sept. 6--can, man, than, ran, and
Sept. 12--a, play, day, say, they
Sept. 19--is, in, it, if, his
Sept. 26--no, so, did, this, sit
Oct. 3--he, me, see, we, you
Oct. 10--Study the 1st Grading Period sight words for end of grading period assessment.
2nd Grading Period
Oct. 17--do, I. like, on, the
Oct. 24--not, are, she, has, all
Oct. 31--to, for, was, my, look
Nov. 7--as, ball, come, now, of
Nov. 14--be, girl, or, sit, yes
Nov. 28-did, saw, there, went
Dec. 5--Study the 2nd Grading Period sight words for end of grading period assessment.
3rd Grading Period
Jan. 9-boy, got, had, her, out
Jan. 17-him, his, how, put, us
Jan. 23-day, jump, ran, run, will
Jan. 30-get, help, man, sat, say
Feb. 6-but, from, that with, your
Feb. 13-Study the 3rd Grading Period sight words for end of grading period assessment.
4th Grading Period
Mar. 20-by, play, read, then, too
Mar. 27-about, eat, I'm, mom, than
Apr. 3-because, came, have, there, who
Apr. 10-before, could, little, make, where
Apr. 17-don't, said, their, were, what
Apr. 24-Study the 4th Grading Period sight words for end of grading period assessment.

Ideas for Learning Sight Words
1. Make flash cards using index cards.  See if  your child can form a sentence using words.
2. Take an old magazine and let  your child cut out letters to make words. Glue them down to a piece of paper.
3. Use magnetic letters or letter stamps to make words.
4. Kids love to work on the computer.  Let your child type the words on the computer.
5. Write the words in shaving cream or foam bath soap at bath time.
6.You can get a newspaper.  Have your child find the sight words and highlight with a yellow marker.
7. Children love alphabet cereal.  They can eat the words as they make each word.


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