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Kris Smith
4th Grade
Conference Time: 8:10-9:05

Class News
Class Calendar
motivation reading to review strategies and comprehension skills
Review of...
Procedural Texts
Text Features-maps, bold words, headings, photos, illustrations, graphs, diagrams, captions, italics, sidebar, pronunciations, titles, sub-headings
Text Structures--compare/contrast, sequence, cause/effect, description, problem/solution

Comprehension Strategies:
What does independent reading look like?
How to Choose Great Books
Fix Up strategies
Making Connections
Sequence of Events
Independent Reading Responses

plural nouns
independent/dependent clauses
comma rules
verbs/linking verbs
irregular plural nouns

simple and complex sentences:
Example of Simple Sentence:
Kate jumped up and ran to her game room.
Examples of a Compound Sentence:
  • Kate jumped up, and she ran to her game room.
  • He grabbed the ball, and he started throwing it against the wall.
  • I looked all over for my homework, but I do not know where it is.
  • The meteorologist said that today's air temperature was going to be hot, so I decided to wear shorts.
A compound sentence is two sentences put together with a comma and conjunction.
conjunctions: but, and, so, for, yet, nor, or

creative writing
revising and editing passages
Expository Writing:
central idea, clear and concise writing, detailed reasons, transitions, closing
clear ideas, organization, strong word choice, figurative language

We write every day in our writing composition notebooks. On Fridays, we take one story from the week and rewrite it as a draft.
Friday stories (drafts) are kept in a folder at school.
At the end of the grading period, we will edit/revise and publish one of our drafts.

May 8, 2017

May 9: STAAR Reading
Week of May 8th: Closed Campus---no visitors to classrooms, lunch, etc.
May 15: Field Day K-2
May 16: Field Day 3-4
May 25th: Fourth Grade Program, 2:00 and 6:30 pm
May 29: Holiday

May 31st:
   10:30---4th Grade Clap Out- You won't want to miss the video that will be shown in the cafeteria :)
  11:00---Pizza Picnic on the hardtop
Please bring a blanket to sit on if you are attending the picnic. :)
***Pizza, dessert and water will be provided for 4th graders only.

June 1: Yearbook signing, Last day of school
           Early Release, 12:10 p.m.

**Students should not arrive before 7:35 a.m., when adults are present to supervise them. Students arriving for tutoring before school may come to the front desk for a pass at 7:30 a.m.

4th Grade Writing Scope and Sequence
Weeks 1-7: Launching the Writing Workshop/Personal Narrative
Weeks 8-13: Expository
Weeks 14-16: Poetry
Weeks 17-19: Expository: Literary Essay
Weeks 20-23: Expository
Weeks 24-28: Expository
Weeks 29-31: Imaginative Stories/Fiction
Weeks 32-34: Imaginative Stories/Fiction
Weeks 35-37: Research
        4th Grade Reading Scope and Sequence
Weeks 1-6: Launching Reader’s Workshop/Fiction
Weeks 7-8: Poetry
Week 9: Media Literacy
Weeks 10-13: Informational: Expository and Procedural
Weeks 14-16: Traditional Literature
Week 17: Poetry
Weeks 18-20: Literary Nonfiction
Weeks 21-23: Drama
Weeks 24-26: Fiction
Weeks 27-28: Informational: Expository
Week 29: Media Literacy
Weeks 30-31: Informational: Persuasive
Weeks 32-34: Review of all above units
Weeks 35-37: Research

The CISD Board of Trustees has approved the 2017-2018 calendar.
The first day of school is
August 16, 2017.
Class Links

Two vocabulary words will be introduced each week.

1. mediocre--neither good nor bad
2. optimistic--inclined to look on the bright side of things
3. famished- very hungry; starving
4. saunter-walk along slowly and happily
5. repulsive-causing strong dislike
6. pessimistic-inclined to look on the dark side of thing
7. absurd- foolish and clearly not true; ridiculous
8. amused- cause to laugh or make smile
9. immaculate- without a spot or stain
10. mischievous- full of pranks and teasing fun
11. fabricate- to make up or invent
12. eavesdrop- to listen to talk one is NOT suppose to hear
13. valiant- very brave, bold, courageous
14. shabby- much worn and unattractive
15. queasy - tending to unsettle the stomach
16. modest - unwilling to call attention to yourself
17. extraordinary - very unusual, remarkable, or exceptional
18. essential - completely necessary
19. apparent - easily understood or plain to see
20 accurate - making few or no errors
21. transparency - letting light through, easily seen
22. Shimmy - to shake, vibrate
23. envious - jealous, wanting what someone else has
24. inquisitive - questioning, curious
25. recuperate -  recover from sickness, exhaustion, loss
26. loathe - stornly dislike, disgust
27. sabotage- damage or destroy deliberately
28. redundant - wordy, using too many words fro the same idea
29. agitation - commotion, excitement, a violent moving or shaking
30. notorious - famous for something bad; having  a bad reuptation
31. phenomenal - extraordinary; exceptional
32. impromptu - made or done without previous thought or preparation

search: krismith

Reading Homework is DUE FRIDAY.
Please see your child's planner.
Students should read every night for at least 20 minutes.

Independent Reading Responses...I am looking for each student to fully answer ONE question off their Fiction Responses page that should be in their PAWS folder. IF your child needs another copy of the questions, please let me know. Each response needs to be more than 1-2 sentences.


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