Marissa Lindsay
2nd Grade
Conference Time: 9:10-10:05

Class News
Class Calendar
Welcome to Section 26!
I am so glad you are in my class!

Last Week:
Tuesday - Picnic, Read In, Movie & Popcorn
  • Picnic at 12:15 - Meet us on the hardtop
  • Bring some of your favorite books & a furry friend
Wednesday - Game Day
  • Bring one board game from home! (Be sure your name is on it and small pieces are in a ziploc bag)
  • Our lunch will be 11:45-12:15
Thursday - Last Day of School
  • Fun and Yearbook signing!
  • Early Dismissal
*Class Photobucket Webpage:
(Must have class password to see photos)

*Our Scholastic book order class code is L9XWZ for buying books online.  Orders are submitted at the end of each month.

May 15: Field Day K-2 (3rd & 4th on 5/16)

May 18:  LAST Scholastic Book order due date!
             (Stock up on summer reading! :)  )

May 19: Last Greyhound Gab Submissions due

May 22-26: Science Camp Week: Camp Galatas

May 25: 4th Grade Program @ 2:00

May 26: Box Tops collected, Greyhound Gab out

May 29: Memorial Day holiday - no school

May 30: End of Year Picnic at 12:15
- parents welcome, lunch provided for 2nd graders

May 31: Clapout at 10:30
             Lunch at 11:45
             Game Day/Read-In (students can each bring one boardgame from home)

June 1: Last Day of 2nd Grade!
            Early release at 12:10
            Kona Ice for 4th GP perfect attendance
            Yearbook signing!

Daily Schedule
8:05 - 9:10  Math           
9:10 - 10:05  Specials        
10:05 - 10:30  Math                
10:30 - 12:15  Language Arts
12:15 - 12:45  Lunch              
12:45 - 1:05  Recess          
   1:05 - 1:45  Language Arts
1:45 - 2:20  Science        
  2:20 - 2:55  Social Studies
    3:00  Dismissal
*Schedule includes transitions

What We Are Learning
 Multiplication & Division

*Addition and subtraction facts to 20 need to be memorized, so please continue to practice these skills at home!  

Word Study
Word Patterns: kn, wr, gn
known, knight, wrist, gnaw, gnat, knead, write, wrong, kneel, gnome
Challenge Words: interview, magazine, article, animal, friend

Language Arts
Reading/Writing: biographies

Language: editing


Social Studies

The weekly homework is passed out on Mondays and due on Friday morning.
A completion grade will be given for every subject.  10 points will be deducted for every day that homework is late.  A 0 will be given after the third day it is late.  

Please make sure you have checked over your child's homework and allowed him/her to make corrections before it is turned in on Friday.

Students should be reading every night and recording the title of the book read on the homework recording sheet. 20 minutes of reading each night is recommended. Please make sure your child records the title themselves.

Studying math facts should be done nightly, as students are expected to memorize all addition and subtraction facts to 20. Math facts practice could be about 5 to 10 minutes and includes anything that requires the student to work on math facts.   Some examples include:
-store bought flashcards
-homemade flashcards
-printed math facts worksheets
-math facts games
-parent verbally calls out a fact and student answers
-mathletics facts practice Mathletics
-playing "war" with a deck of cards (whoever calls out the sum or difference first keeps the cards)
-rolling two dice and finding the sum or difference
-apps or online games

Please help your child practice his/her word study words each week.  There will be a word study quiz every Friday for a grade.  The Word Study Check scores will average together as a grade at Progress Report and Report Card time.  Those who miss 4 or more words on their word study check will need to practice the words during Fun Friday time.
However, students who spell all five Challenge Words correctly will be rewarded with 10 happy sticks!

Homework Pass: When a student has earned a no homework pass, please staple the pass to the homework and turn it in on Friday.  Keep in mind that students will still need to read every night and word study words will still need to be studied, as there will still be a Friday word study check.

School and Class Policies
I love our volunteers! Thank you for giving your time!

Parent Helpers Signup:

Parent Readers Signup:

Class Parties/Events Signup:
emailed via room parent

Class Wish List
*** inkpads
**colored expo markers
**small magnetic letters with magnetic cookie sheet (for word work)
**stapler (the kind that can unhinge to staple up work on a bulletin board)
** dip in the bucket and treasure chest items (fun pencils, erasers, small note pads, bookmarks, and $1 items from Target or the dollar store)
* snack/sandwich/quart size ziplock bags
* bandaids
* double sided scotch tape
* alphabet letter stamps

Thank you for your donations!
Snack Time
Second grade does have snack time daily.  Appropriate snack ideas include cheese, apple slices, bananas, grapes, crackers, or veggies.  Please do not send chips, dressing to dip veggies in, or anything requiring a spoon or a fork.
Please send a water bottle with your child daily. To prevent spills, it must have a sports top lid.

Please know that we encourage and welcome visitors at Galatas.  When visiting during lunch, please understand that we only have enough room for 24 students at each table.  We have a special reserved area for students to sit with their parents when they choose to visit during lunch.  The table is located in the center of the cafeteria.  In the event that the reserved table is full, your child will sit at their assigned table and we kindly ask that you stand behind them if there is no room to sit next to them.  Thanks for your understanding in this matter!

Birthday Treats
Birthday treats will be passed out in the cafeteria at the end of lunch.
The treats need to be store bought (state mandated).
Birthday treats can only be passed out to the students in our classroom.  Please to not bring extra for friends in other classes. (We have 21 students in section 26.)
Please make sure the treats are easy to pass out, as your child will be responsible for handing them out to their classmates.
Please be sure all birthday treats are precut or individual servings : cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc.


The Conroe Independent School District (District) is an equal opportunity educational provider and employer does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability in educational programs or activities that it operates or in employment matters. The District is required by Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, as amended, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as Board policy not to discriminate in such a manner.

For information about Title IX rights or Section 504/ADA rights, contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Section 504/ADA coordinator:
3205 W. Davis
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(936) 709-7752

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