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Renee' Cannon
Conference Time
10:10 - 11:05

April 19, 2017

Class News
Dates to Remember
I hope everyone enjoyed our long, three day weekend.  All of the children came back to school on Monday with lots of Easter stories.  It's always fun to hear about their special holidays!

Our Egg Hunt last Thursday was so much fun!  Thank you for sending in the eggs and the solid colored bag.  The K1 parents always rock when it comes to participating in our special activities.  I appreciate all that you do for our class!

What We Are Doing This Week

Phonics:We are learning to read "R controlled vowels".  Some examples are car,  fork,  water,  bird,  and  fir.  We are learning that when they see a vowel and then an r in a word, the r becomes bossy and changes the sound of the vowel.

Shared Reading:We are working on a poetry unit.  The children will learn about different kinds of poems and will write their own poems in Writer's Workshop.

Social Studies: We are learning about goods and services. The children will learn the difference between the two things, earning money, and how communities work and provide jobs.

Writer's Workshop: The children will be writing their own poems.
Math: We are reviewing addition and subtraction.

Science:  Earth Day is coming up, so we are learning about ways that we can take care of our planet.

Monday, April 24 - Friday, April 7

Spring Book Fair.  Children can go with their parents to the book fair, or you can send money in with your child and I will send them to purchase books.  This book fair is buy one, get one free.  This is a great way to purchase books for your child to enjoy over the summer.

Monday, May 8 - Friday, May 12

We will be having a closed campus due to STAAR Testing.  Parents will not be able to have lunch with the children or come into the school for volunteer activities.

Wish List

glue sticks

Items for our treasure chest

clear packing tape


Box Tops For Education

Please cut these off of the packages of food or tissues or anything else you may buy.  Each one is worth 10 cents to the school.  Have your child bring any labels that they may have into school, in a baggie or an envelope. Or you can you can just put them in the Notes For Ms. Cannon pocket.  Each time a child brings some in, they get to get a happy stick.  Once a month, they will all be collected and counted.  The classroom that has the most gets to keep a traveling trophy in their room for the month.  It's a lot of fun, and it's a great way to raise money for the school without having to do much at all.  You can even ask grandparents, aunts, uncles, or neighbors to collect them and give them to your child.

Class Links

You can find almost anything you need pertaining to CISD and Galatas on this website.

Read to your child every night and have him/her read something to you that they can read!
When your child does their homework each night, please have them write any numbers or letters they write with a pencil. Have them do their best handwriting that they can do. They can use crayons, colored pencils, or markers, to make any of the illustrations.Try and have your child do just one a day, so they can get used to doing homework each night.  After they complete their homework each night, please have them place it back in the homework pocket.  Then on Friday, they can put it in the "Notes to Ms. Cannon" pocket.


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