Shawnne Elgin
Section 16
First Grade
Conference Time: 1:00-1:55

Class News
Class Calendar

Next week is the Book Fair!

  • Students enjoyed performing for our moms at Moms and Muffins. Thank you moms for attending.
  • In Math, we are focusing on fact fluency and graphing skills.
  • For Social Studies and Science, we are learning about life cycles and natural resources.
  • Please encourage your child to develop a love for reading by choosing a high interest book to read at home everyday.  This builds fluency and comprehension.
  • Phonics focus this week is on ai, ay
  • Homework is due on Friday for a happy stick!
Section 16 Needs:

Colored dry erase markers
Baby Wipes
Paper Towels
Treasure Box Items

Tips for Success:
  • Please check your child's PAWS Binder each night for pertinent information and assignments that need to be completed.
  • Students need to complete RAZ KIDS Readings by Monday mornings to earn a Happy Stick.
  • Homework packets are due every Friday morning.
  • Box Tops for Education are collected each month throughout the school year.
  • Students need to be reading or read to at least 20 minutes each night.  This is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your child while reinforcing reading skills at home.
Sight Words by Week:
      (Tested at the end of every grading period)

Please review saying these words quickly/accurately upon "sight", as well as practicing spelling words correctly. This will help our reading and writing skills.

3rd Marking Period:
who, so, long, seven, thing
work, that, there, open, walk
saw, think, them, made, girl
name, some, off, your, try
teacher, five, we, then, was
when, ask, were, eight, zoo
two, about, over, pretty, each
their, animal, children, number, ten

4th Marking Period:
part, day, went, first, where
because, ate, best, which with
could, house, other, put, before
way, friend, use, talk, thank
more, been, would, one, favorite
much, night, done, back, four
time, these, again, school, three
brother, sister, people, eat, than

PARENT READERS:  Thank you Parent Readers!  You make Fridays extra special!

For Your Information:

  • FYI-Birthday treats--Please note it is optional for parents to send in birthday treats; it is not a requirement. If you choose to do so, please send in the treats with your child or drop them off in the front office by 10:00 and the birthday treats will be served after lunch in the cafeteria.  Cookies or cupcakes are examples of foods that may be used to celebrate birthdays, but they must be store bought (no homemade goodies allowed). These are easy and quick to serve.  Cookie cakes should be pre-cut.  Birthday party invitations and treat bags may not be passed out at school.  
  • FYI-Snacks in First Grade...A snack will be the food you choose to send (or not) for your child.  It is very important that this snack be something nutritious and easy to eat in a carpeted classroom such as: fresh fruits, vegetables, and cheese sticks.  Please do not send things that need a spoon to eat such as applesauce, canned fruit, yogurt (or even gogurt)--these items are fine for the cafeteria, but are too likely to be messy in our carpeted classroom.  Fruit snacks and sugary snacks/dessert items are discouraged at snack time. No chips, candy, nuts, or nut products.
  • NEAT is a program at Galatas.  NEAT! Never Ever Absent or Tardy!  We are very interested in winning an award for NEAT!
Phonics Calendar by Week

at, ab, and
an, am. ad-hard and soft c & g
ap, ag, all
ack, ash, ank
ill, ig, it, in
ick, ip, ink, id
ug, um, ub, un
ut, ump, unk, uck
et, en, ell, eg
ed, est, eg
ot, ob, og, op
cl, fl, bl, gl
pl, sl, sk
cr, gr, dr
fr, tr, pr, br
sn, sp, sm, -or words
tw, sw, st
op, review sw, tw
-st, -sk, -mp, -ump
-ft, -nt, lt, -st
-lf, -lp, -nd
ch-, sh-, wh-, th-, ph-

Class Links

7:50   Arrival
8:05    Math
9:00    Motor Break/Snack
9:20    Language Arts
11:45  Lunch/Recess
12:35  Language Arts
1:00    Specials
1:55    Science
2:25    Social Studies
2:55    Pack up
3:10    Dismissal



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